October 7, 2010

Finished FeeJee, Atlantis Re-visited

FeeJee Mermaid cuff

Oh my goodness! This felt like it took forever. It was difficult to forge ahead, but I finally got through it. Overall, I'm pretty happy with it! I will never ever try to do another filled-in netting stitch on a cuff. Lesson learned.

I think it looks like dinosaur skin.

Should be posted to Etsy tonight!

On to Atlantis!

I've started doing some raised beading for the waves, and I think it looks super cool! I'm also thinking about doing some thread embroidery on the background. I liked the idea of leaving the negative space. I'm only just realizing that I didn't post any pictures that aren't close-up. Whoops! And some of the gaps in the first image will be filled in eventually; they look pretty weird right now.


  1. oh my goodness is right! that is one intense looking cuff. it looks beautiful though! the greens are so vivid.

    and the atlantis cuff is gorgeous too! hearing you talk about your plans for it & seeing the colors and beginnings of the design is so exciting.

    how are the egyptian designs coming along? i can't wait to see those!


  2. Thank you!

    The Egyptian designs are definitely still in their infancy. I'm working on color schemes first- trying to decide how to make black-on-black work for Osiris! But I am more than willing to take advice on colors for Isis, as I'm having a hard time choosing colors that represent health, fertility and motherhood. I was thinking colors that would say "vitality"- oranges, reds...? I've also been researching Egyptian ornamental designs so I can start some sketches!

  3. Wait, no- black, grey and blue for Osiris; black-on-black for Kek. That's it!

  4. hmmm, well i definitely think that using oranges, reds, and maybe gold (or yellow) is a good idea for Isis. she is called the Brilliant One in the Sky and the Light-Giver of Heaven- for some reason, when i hear those names, i think of bright oranges, reds, and yellows, so bravo on choosing those colors to represent her!

    i looked through some of my books on egyptian mythology (i always knew they would come in handy someday!) and found some sacred symbols:

    lotus flowers (symbolizing creation & rebirth)
    feathers (symbolizing truth)
    scarab beetles

    maybe these symbols will give you some ideas for designs.

    i know that whatever you decide to make will be lovely. and! thank you for giving me an excuse to get excited about mythology again.

  5. They are both AMAZING!!!! Just beautiful!!!

  6. Wow Lindsey, Just came across your blog. It is really neat seeing your work in progress. Your cuffs are absolutely gorgeous and look like works of art. I am just now learning bead embroidery, what an inspiritation looking at your blog has been.

  7. please come back to the blogging/beading world! we miss you!


  8. You have excellent timing! I am literally sitting down to write a post right now!!!