October 26, 2010

A Disorder Which Leaves Me With a Deficit of Attention

Osiris cuff

Okay, so here's the thing. Or more like one of the many things. Here's one of the things: I don't actually have attention-deficit disorder, but I do have a sort of hobby-related skip-around-y-ness. That was absolute gibberish. For the past few weeks, I've been in a sewing mode rather than a beading mode, so I've sorely neglected beading projects and this blog! Instead, I managed to pile all of my sewing patterns (new and vintage both) and a pretty good selection of material (also new and vintage) on the dinner table, where it still lingers untouched.

Here is another thing: I really like to know all about what I'm doing before I jump into doing it. Like bead embroidery! I read and scoured blogs and photo sites and tutorials for forever before I put needle to faux-suede. So the sewing projects have been more about sketching out ideas, cutting out patterns and then waffling on which fabric to use and just generally planning on sewing rather than actually sewing! It seems a little silly now that I say it.

Anyhow! To continue with this theme of hobby-skippery, I was compelled to start two new cuffs instead of finishing Atlantis. Yikes. I have, thanks to our friend M, started on Osiris- I am sorry M; I had to start Osiris first- I blame Halloween, it's an Underworldly time. I was able to find a really awesome central bead for this- it's a scarab! Yayyyy!

Creepy scarab close-up

I plan to continue with the sort of pattern-heavy look of Osiris; lots of geometric pattern, lots of dark colors.

A couple of nights after I began Osiris, I watched Fargo with my husband and BAM! I was like, I need to start a Babe the Blue Ox! How could I have neglected you, tall tales?! So I chose to use several blues on a tan cuff. And I like it! I just need to, you know, finish it.

Babe the Blue Ox

In super exciting news, I have now sold- in addition to Hansel and Gretel's Dark Forest- Dracula!!! Huzzah! I shipped it off this morning. I couldn't decide what to do as a "freebie" with a purchase like that, but I eventually settled on making a little drawing to go with the package. I made a pen-and-ink drawing of Vlad Tepes' castle at night, stars and all. I meant to take a picture of it, but in all of my shipping excitement, I sealed it all up before I remembered! Whoops.


  1. i don't even know where to start!

    first, i'm glad that the reason you've been quiet on the blog is that you're busy being extra creative. is there anything you can't do? drawing, sewing, beading- you do it all, haha!

    second, i love love LOVE the osiris cuff! the scarab is perfect! where did you find it? i really like the colors & pattern too.

    and who could blame you for getting sucked in to the halloween spirit- i love this holiday and all things spooky and scary!

    congrats on your sale!! and good luck finishing your projects!


  2. Thank you M! Though you know what they say about being a Jack (Jill?) of all trades... master of none, right?! To be fair, I've been trying really hard to keep from starting any new hobbies, though temptation arises. Also, my husband will be traveling a bit for work this week, so I am hoping to use that time to finish something! Anything!

    And I am so glad you approve of Osiris so far! The minute you mentioned scarabs as a good Egyptian symbol I thought... Doesn't the bead store have scarab beads??? You basically enabled a trip. And they did! They had several different kinds! It was weird, they must have just gotten in an "Egyptian" themed shipment.

    Do you have a blog or store or flickr site or anything? If you're interested in beading, I'm betting good money you've got projects going yourself! And I'd love to see 'em!

  3. oh! i forgot to say how totally honored i was to be mentioned in your post! hooray!

    and don't be so hard on yourself- you are very very talented. i just like to tell myself that creative minds tend to be insatiably curious and eager to try everything. i think that makes people more interesting anyway.

    as far as my creative endeavors go, i like to write, bake, and make collages. i have a tumblr, but don't really have anything personal on it (i mostly "reblog" other people). i like to draw too, but i'm nowhere near as good as you!

    right now, i am so busy with work and being a senior in college, that i really don't have much time for anything else. i really miss having time to do artsy things, so to make myself feel better, i look at other people's art! that's actually how i found your blog- i googled something like "oklahoma artists' blogs" and found you! even if i had the time, it's hard for me to work up the courage to put myself out there, you know?

    whew! this was a long comment!


  4. What are you majoring in? I just finished an art degree last year, and I can definitely understand the emotional roller-coaster that senior year can be. Like 5% excitement, 15% uncertainty and 80% stress. I seriously just added those up, like, 5 times to make sure I had that right. I definitely did not major in Math.

    And does your enthusiasm for both baking and blogs mean that you are an avid tastespotting reader? College student who loves writing, baking, making collages, drawing, reading blogs and Egyptian mythology. I'd say that's awfully well-rounded!

    For some reason I keep seeing people talk about the Hyperbole and a Half blog, which I eventually checked out (it's awesome). So if you need any other random stress relief, go. Go and see it.

  5. So much talent!! Love the blue and tan!!! Wonderful workmanship!

  6. i'm going to send a reply to your mythicalantiquity email (i hope that's okay!) because i feel bad taking up your comment space with things that have nothing to do with your blog.