February 10, 2011

A Request for Your Opinions on Medusa

This is the start of Medusa, and I am already having issues. I started in with the lime green, fading it out to gray moving outward from the center, but I hated it. I ripped it out. Now that I've got the center worked out, I don't think that white and black will do. I have a color scheme worked out, but I'm not totally sure of it:

What do you think?? Silver, gray, dark green, and that iridescent purple-blue-red. And black, maybe. I don't know. When I think of Greek mythology, I tend to think of gold. I don't think anyone will see this color scheme and think Medusa. I attempted a snake-scale-like effect around the cab, and I do still want to do bead and thread "snakes" coming out from the center... I'm just afraid that there's just going to be so much going on! Ugh. I'm waffling on what I want to do.

In other news, here were our cars after the first round of snow:

We're breaking records for snowfall here in Tulsa! I've heard Oklahoma City wasn't as bad the first round from a friend who drove out here on Sunday and was unpleasantly surprised. It is a little frustrating to be stuck inside and all, but I have to say that snow and ice driving is kinda fun. As long as the roads are empty! Backing out of the driveway was pretty exciting!

Any and all suggestions for the background on Medusa are appreciated!