June 11, 2011

For You, I Worked While I Was Away

     Technically, I'm still away. I am dogsitting/housesitting and not getting nearly as much work done as I thought. Apparently- and feel free to quote me on this- it's way more excellent to go shopping at outlet malls than to sit and watch TV while you bead. So if it comes down to that choice for you, I want you to know that I'm predicting a very outlet-heavy outcome.

    It's really just that you'll need to be around humans every once in awhile. That's always nice.

    So here goes:

Accidentally Rainbow Collar

Here's the finished collar! In my opinion, it's slightly less crazy-town than when it was unfinished, but I can't tell you why, exactly. I've worn it a few times! With something solid-colored it looks... a little like WHOA LOOK AT THAT THING. 

Okay so, remember that time after FeeJee Mermaid when I was like, "I'll never do a filled-in netting stitch again!" It turns out that I am a liar and a glutton for punishment. Or maybe that my memory of how annoying it is didn't last long enough.

Now that I look at these pics together, I'm thinking the cuff was sort of the antithesis to the collar. Like maybe the collar was color overload and I needed something desaturated to work on.

And pay no attention to how raggedy it looks, it will look much cleaner-edged when it's finished. You know that, I don't know why I'm telling you that. I started this last week, and worked on it pretty steadily for a few days, then I started to go nuts and took a break from it. I should have remembered. What I was remembering was how cool the filled-in-netting looks. I'm wishing now that i had used a navy instead of the gray underneath the moon, but there is no way I would rip out what I've got done. I'd sooner rip out all my hair. So I will finish it! And it will be okay. I don't actually know what this one is going to be named, either. I've been doing that a lot lately! I just wanted to use that moon! Ha!

I think all of my pics were kind of blurry today, so pretend you don't notice.

Yours in love and beads,