October 31, 2010

Lofty Sewing Aspirations

Okay. So I still haven't beaded. I'm still on sewing-obsessed hiatus, which has led me to register on Ebay solely for the purpose of bidding on one amazing lot of vintage patterns. Which I won. I am really, really trying not to get too excited, because I am afraid something will go wrong! Since I haven't been busy beading, I thought I would update on my possible victory (still trying not to get my hopes up, just in case!). It was a lot of 126 - yes, you read that right- 126 patterns from the 40s through the 70s, all complete, and I won the lot for $25. Can you see why I am nervous? It seems too good to be true. Now the item description had lots of pictures and a full list of the patterns, which I've been looking up while trying not to get even more excited. I'm posting some of the included patterns so you can share in my joy!

Now I will have to read all of those tutorials about re-sizing patterns to fit and doing different fitting adjustments... and then get some pattern paper... and some material and thread... On the plus side, I found some bags of zippers (still in their old packaging) at the thrift store, so notions-wise I'm pretty set. Some day... some day I will be a master of sewing. For now I can dream.

Ahahahaha! That was so corny!

More realistically, for now I can gather the necessary materials, study sewing with vintage patterns and tailoring, practice with easier patterns and just generally try not to muck it up beyond wearability.


  1. you'll never have to buy clothes again!

  2. That would be amazing! Now I just need to find equally awesome fabric to go with my patterns, and I'll be set. Fabric is hard! It's expensive! I just don't want to get to the point where I'm paying so much more to do it (not super well) myself when it would be cheaper and look better from a store. But I can't get good at it without practice, right?! Arghghg.

  3. Just think how awesome would it be if you were wearing something and someone complimented you on it and you got to say, "thanks! I made this!". I would think you were the coolest girl ever.