September 14, 2010

A Peacock Pendant and a Mythical Monster

This is my stepmom's finished pendant! I ended up making a second one for her because the first was too big. This is maybe 2.5 inches (not including the fringe). I also very un-cleverly added a lace-y edging to the bottom of the first pendant which made the fringe hang all wrong. So this is the re-do! I like it.

And this is the beginning of the Feejee Mermaid cuff. I'm not totally sure of it yet- I need to finish filling in the "scales" before I decide. I just don't know what I think of the colors together. I do really love the cabochon though! I picked it up at the bead store the other day for this very project. I thought the neon green said creepy sea creature or possibly man-made monkey-fish hybrid monster.

I like it a bit better when it's draped like it's being worn, though, so maybe it will be alright.

I was going to include a photo of the original Feejee mermaid, but I discovered that they are all disturbing. Feel free to google it, but if I were you I'd wait 'til it was closer to Halloween (you'll be more mentally prepared for the spooky).

1 comment:

  1. First, the pendant and cuff are beautiful!!! Your MIL is very lucky..about this FeJee Mermaid..hmmmmm how/where did you come up with this! The first illustration I found was ok but the 2nd pic was, to say the least, weird! Yikes! I do like the fill in your does look good..great colors especially for water for the FeJee!!