July 22, 2010

Dracula Meets His End

Dracula cuff

That's right! Finally, Dracula is finished. Well, mostly... I'm still finishing the edging, but that should be over quick enough. I'm going to be posting it on Etsy tomorrow!

The next project, I've decided, will be Snow White. I plan to start with an embroidered rose in the center and work my way out from that. I'd like to use a long-and-short stitch/ thread painting approach for the rose, but I think that a padded satin stitch would be nice, too. It's going to need to be a bit puffy- I'm a little worried about the height of the embroidery versus the height of the beadwork. I don't want to rose to feel too much like a background when it should be the center of attention!

Really, no matter what I may say about which stitching techniques I want to employ it's only going to end up being a sort of free-handed made-up thing. Technical shmechnical!


  1. I love this piece..the pattern and colors are so great. Snow White? hmmmm I'm curious as to what and how you'll stitch the rose on. I've used Friendly Felt to bead on (my March BJP Umbrella)but not sure stitching on it would give you the extra 'height' you'd need. I'll stay tuned for this progress!

  2. I love how you can go from Dracula to Snow White in the same post :)
    Dracula is stunning and I'm sure Snow White will be as well. The colors look excellent!

  3. I'm going to have to keep up with my blog again now that I have some competition!