July 9, 2010

Dracula in progress and some unfinished business

Dracula cuff

Please note that every time I think "Dracula," I'm thinking it in my best Transylvanian accent. And following it with the laugh from the Count from Sesame Street. With that in mind, here is Dracula (One Dracula! Ah!Ah!Ahhh!)! I think it's going pretty well! Unfortunately, this is version three, so it took a bit of work to get to something I was happy with. I thought I'd share the unsuccessful versions, just for kicks:

Versions one and two of Dracula- version two even has white embroidered fangs! I told you so! I thought it started to look like a badge. That wasn't the goal. So these two became rejects, and I decided I needed less contrast to keep it from looking cartoonish- no whites or silvers.

This is just a big pile of stuff I've started but haven't finished. I know that the gold cuff on the mid-left looks almost complete, but what you can't really see in the photo is that it's wonky. I may finish it just so I can wear it, but I wouldn't sell it. It's not up to snuff! The silver thing on the upper left was the start of a tiny bib necklace, but I never could decide how to finish it. The rest were set aside either because they started to look wrong (the white one, lower right) or because the inspiration evaporated.

I hope that seeing the things that haven't worked out has been as interesting as seeing works in progress! I know that I love to see others' work in all stages of completion and success.


  1. Your work is wonderful! Love the dracula cuff!!!

  2. "Unfinished business" makes me think of Casper. Did you at least enjoy that movie when you were a kid like I did?

    Also, it's no lie that I do like the bib necklace!