January 3, 2011

Once Again I Am a Finisher of Things

Which is great. I'm feeling pretty accomplished right now, after having finished Mom's Christmas cuff (before Christmas, obviously) and OSIRIS! BOOM! Both totally done. So first, pictures of Mom's cuff:

I was a bit nervous to give it to her. It's kind of huge - because of the mother-of-pearl cab- but she likes it. I also practiced my raised beadwork around the center, and aside from how it made a semi-wonky line, I like how it turned out.

And now for Osiris! I have to admit that I am super happy with it. It turned out better than I could've hoped. It's a little bit hard to get a feel for the colors from the photos; they're a bit more vivid in person, but they're all pretty under-worldly.

I thought I might show you the "idea" stage in the cuff-making process. I've mentioned before that I keep things pretty loose and like to make changes while I'm working, but I do think it's a good idea to have a sketch so that I don't forget my ideas. 'Cause I will.

The top two above should be recognizable; the first is Fee Jee Mermaid, the middle is Snow white. You can see that they don't follow the sketch exactly, just the general concept.

And these two are cuffs I haven't started yet- Hephaestus and Medusa. I'm definitely more excited to start Medusa! I'm always lucky if I can read my shorthand notes, but I've chosen greens, silver and black for Medusa, with both thread and bead snakes coming out from the center cab. I'm also planning on fading the background beading from black in the center to white at the edges. It's awfully ambitious! But I think it will look very cool.


  1. Okay, so both cuffs are absolutely beautiful!

    The cuff you made for your mom is great-- and I love the colors. And Osiris is fantastic!! The design, the colors, the scarab...all of it is just perfect. Seriously, you are very talented.

    Also, I am super excited about the Medusa cuff.

    Lindsay, you are awesome.

  2. Thank you Madeleine! I'm so glad you approve of Osiris, especially since it was your idea! I'm really happy with how it turned out. I was most nervous about the geometric designs- just because I was afraid that keeping the lines straight would be impossible- but they aren't bad!

  3. Awesome as always!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I think we can safely say that you always do a fantastic job on everything that you make. It's hard for me to believe that you were nervous about Osiris-- I always had complete faith in you that it would be perfect.

  5. Your posts are like having a good cup of coffee and chocolate! I love seeing your 'art' and it is art for sure!! amazing and beautiful!

  6. OOOHHH, AAAAhhhh, these cuffs are fabulous! I love how different they are from each other - you are so versatile.

  7. Thank you Robbie and Lynn! I appreciate your encouragement very much!!