December 3, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone! I know it's been awhile! What can I say? I've got the holiday lazies. I've also done a ton of weatherproofing around our old house, which has been a fun learning experience. It makes me feel very handy! I'm also attempting to seriously organize the dreaded back bedroom- the stuffed-to-the-gills room that is full of both mine and my husband's hobbies and collections of junk. It looks a little like a hoarder room, but I swear we aren't actually hoarders!

So! On to the pictures!

Osiris again!

Because I obviously needed another project, I'm making myself a version of Hansel and Gretel because I loved it so much. This one is just for me though! Not going on Etsy.

This one is a Christmas gift! It may very well be seen by the recipient, but since she's pretty super busy right now I doubt she will. I'm not good at keeping secrets. It's my mom. That's the secret! They're busy trying to get their new house built in time to move in by the 15th, so I think it's probably safe that I put this up. Also, I am bad at waiting to give people presents, so I'll probably finish it and give it to her for her birthday on the 7th. See? Foolproof. She'll never see it. (Mom, don't read this.) She requested blues and greens, and I have already changed out the little side shell beads with green stone beads. Maybe turquoise, I can't remember what they are! As you can tell, I'm incredibly official about the materials I use. A stone snob, if you will. The big cab in the middle is... mother of pearl? It's pretty, is what it is! I never claimed to have any lapidary skills. That's probably not even the right word.

This one is also a Christmas gift, and another I hope the recipient doesn't see. It just happens to be the colors from her alma mater, and I happen to know that she has lots of team spirit. This cab is called Bluey-Purple Crackly Stone. I think we can officially shorten that to Blurple. Blurple Crackly Stone. Such a graceful name!

This is totally unrelated, but it's the start of a rag rug that I'm now having trouble with. Zilla likes it, though!

And now, even MORE than totally unrelated (and yet so wonderful): the beautiful upside-down Henry dog!

Look at those kissable lips!

Henry signs us off today with a big XOXO!

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  1. Good to see you've been busy! And appears you'll still be busy with all the Christmas gifts (or BD gifts). Which, by the way will/are lovely (as usual).