August 10, 2011


It should be blog-illegal for someone to have to say "Yes, I'm still alive" so many times, but there it is. I haven't beaded since I got home from housesitting. It kind of feels like I'm in Beader's Anonymous right now, admitting this (but instead of being addicted I'm admitting to some serious slacking). I did start a new cuff this weekend, the very day our power went out-- is it a sign?! Probably not. So as soon as I finish something, I'll post pictures of it. I have been doing TONS of sewing- quilting, and decorative fun stuff, and some clothing too. It's been a solid month of 100-degrees-plus heat that is only just letting up this week, and I am super excited about it and praying that we are past the worst of the heat! So are the pups, who have been cooped up most days, walk-less and desolate. I can't leave you without any pictures at all, so here's what I've got:

No, she doesn't want any kisses.


  1. So glad you are 'back' or getting back into the thick of it! What an adorable pic! Of you too!

  2. Come back Lindsay!