April 18, 2011

You'll Never Believe it, Because it's an Unbelievable Thing!

Atlantis... is.... FINISHED!!! BUM BUM BUMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!!!! Cue the dramatic drumbeat followed by some intense orchestral music, my friends! I have finished the unfinishable. Spellcheck would have you know unfinishable isn't really a word, but I am here to tell you that it is. When I'd completely finished- knotted the last string and all that- I put it on and showed it to my husband, who said "Oh hey! That looks great. You've been working on that for a long time, right?" to which I replied "UGHHHHH FOR FOREVER" and he said, "Yeah! Like more than a month, right?"


I'm fairly sure I responded with something between the meanest glare and the shockiest shocked face. 'Cause no, it's been a little more than a month. I searched the blog and realized I started Atlantis in September!!! Pretty crazy, right? He may be worse at estimation than I am. Anyway, that's the story, and here are the pictures!

So, I like it, yes. It's not perfectly symmetrical, which I expected, but I think it looks good. It's less impressive on the wrist, which I also expected, because it's only the center third that shows. I didn't take a picture of that though. I could do another Photoshop of it, if you need a visual! Because we all know I am an excellent Photoshopper!

Tell me what you think!!

Then I decided to try to make a feather pendant. It was... fairly successful, I think. It looks good on, and I tried to take pictures of that, but I like to take my pictures in sunlight instead of incandescent if I can, and that morning light coupled with a lack of makeup was making for some seriously unlikeable photos. Ick. So now it's hard to tell the size of the pendant; I don't think it's as big as it looks in the pics. I probably should have put something next to it for scale.... I did not do that.


  1. Love both of these. But that feather pendant is totally cute!

  2. Thank you Miss P! I appreciate that! I just have to figure out what to wear it with.

  3. WOOOoooo!!! Go Lindsay!

    I'm happy that you finished Atlantis and that you blogged about it, haha!

    It looks fantastic (with or without an awesome photoshop).

    Also, the feather is adorable!

  4. Thank you Madeleine! I hope you aren't dying and I'm glad you're not so far gone that you can't read my blog anymore. I assumed you would have soaked up so much information before finals that you wouldn't be able to read another thing! You let me know when that is the case and I will just start posting pictures with like, a single word for a caption.

  5. You are amazing! I love the bracelet/cuff!!!! Its beautiful!!!! Just beautiful!! and the feather pendant! Wow!!! You are SO good!!!!

  6. Hahaha! Thank you Robbie!!! Your excessive exclamation points are starting to look like mine!! I love it! Glad you are home safe to blog again!