August 12, 2010

A Brief Hiatus During Which You Should Enjoy This Puppy-Sized Entertainment

Well, in all of four days we'll be moving back to Oklahoma (we've been living elsewhere for a summer internship); until then, we'll be packing, cleaning and cross-country driving! So I'll be away from beading and blogging for a bit. I thought I should do a quick update before we leave and I am incommunicado- but mostly I've just been dabbling. The image above is the start of an experiment in raised beadwork, inspired by Lynn's (BeadingHeartArt) Tuscarora Tuesdays.

I also went bead shopping, where I clearly was stuck on cool colors, although that was entirely unintentional. The ropes of beads were a gift from my very sweet Mother-in-law. I've already started putting these beads to use as:

BAM! Beadweaving trial-and-error. I've never tried this before, either, and it's been fun- I'm definitely not doing it super-perfectly by-the-book, though. I just wanted to see if I enjoyed it by trying a simple project first! It's been very different from bead embroidery. I don't like following directions! I actually have a fine arts degree with an emphasis in printmaking, and that was the one thing that caused me so many problems. I'm not very process-minded or orderly and I hate prep-work. I don't even like to follow recipes exactly! So beadweaving may be a serious challenge.

Also- the gradations in that photo are what the necklace really looks like, it's not the lighting. It goes from bluey-purple to pinky-purple.

NOW! On to the puppies!

(Handsome) Henry
Henry is really more my baby than my husband's. He basically acts like a toddler. I have no idea if he'll outgrow that as he gets older.

(Dangerous[ly adorable]) Zilla
Zilla was named after Godzilla- I realize that this photo makes her look like a sweet little darling baby, but she is completely insane. She plays rough, isn't scared of anything but precipitation and treats Henry like any older sister treats their younger sibling. She's a daddy's girl.

Now I know you're thinking, Oh my gosh! Are they always that adorable and normal-looking? And the answer is no. They are hardly ever normal-looking or -acting, even. And they love to fight (they really are like kids, biting, nap time, sibling rivalry and all). Let's look at some of their scarier faces.



Note the demon-fire in her eyes
(click photo to enlarge)

I especially like Henry's dumb face in this photo

That's right! Even with her leg in a cast, Zilla is vicious. Don't underestimate.
You've been warned.

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  1. Have a safe trip and keep those pics coming of your babies! They are adorable (and scary!)...gotta love 'em!